Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fat pics?

Hey y'all... any of you have a photo of me from the past few years, which is quite unflattering? I only got a camera in the past year, coincidentally (!) around the same time started losing weight so I don't have any photos of me when I was heavier. If you have one you think qualifies, please email it to me! I am trying to find a good "before" photo to give to my personal trainer friend Ashley, who really jumpstarted me this year... she wants to put it on her website. Now's the time! I won't be offended I promise! Send me that one photo that you looked at and thought, ooooh lordy, not going to share that one with her!! Bad angles, sad face, tummy rolls... the whole nine.




sarah said...

It's funny that you made this post because I have just recently begun to embrace those "ugly" pictures of myself.
My students have taken numerous pictures of me at various events, many of which I never see again, but some I hear about later. I particularly hear about how badly they came out.
I used to let these sorts of photos bother me, but have recently decided that bad pictures happen to everyone. No matter how you might look in everyday life, someone has immortalized you making the least flattering facial expression, sporting the outfit that makes you look enormous, or in lightning that makes your face reminiscient of something from Night of the Living Dead.
My bad ones generally include my nose looking really bizarre.
Maybe we should all collect those "bad photos" and rather than burning them, make a photo montage, or post them on a website and stare at them until we become unphased by them.
The fact of the matter is the more fluid you are, the more active and expressive, the less wonderbread and milk toast-boring you are, the more likely it is that you will be caught making a strange face in a photograph. It's only folks that practice their smile in front of the mirror and avoid their inner need for Lucille Ball and Lon Chaney moments that look the same in every pic, and who needs those people anyways.
You photograph beautifully, so I can't imagine you looking bad in any pic, extra weight or not...but then again you're not exactly whitebread, so BRING ON THE BAD PHOTOS!

Stefani Foster said...

I totally embrace this! If only I could embrace you from 2000 miles away :( Kudos to you in your quest. I will look to you as a role model in the coming months as I fight my own battle of the bulge. I'm not necessarily off to a great start, however, as this message is coming to you after two too many pitchers of margaritas at El Tipico tonight...Ole!

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