Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Shot

Ok, I'm feeling better... not totally un-knotted but better. I'm following Bren's lead and trying to release attachment through joyful praise. Oof!

So, because I'm guessing you're just as in love with the gift of food as I am, here's a list of food things I'm singing His praises for! Holy muffin, these are good!

1) Thai iced tea.
I'm always annoyed that the Thai restaurants always plunk such a small glass down on the table when I order it -- especially when they charge nearly $3 for it. Thanks to Bren's mum, who gave us a packet of the loose tea a few Christmases ago... we polished it off last week when summer finally arrived (woohoo!), and I procured another bag from the Thai market. When I bought it, the Thai security guard pointed to what looked like a giant sock with a handle on it -- I should have bought that too. It is indeed, a tea sock. You spoon the tea into it, then dunk it into a vessel of hot water -- once it's steeped, just pull the sock out! Bren said I could use one of his. Hmmm. Thankyou God for Thai tea.

2) Iced coffee essence.
I know. Sense a trend here?!
I made the Splendid Table coffee essence last week. With 11 cups of concentrated coffee chilling in the fridge, I thought we'd be bathing in iced coffee for weeks! Alas, it was gone in just a few days. I blame Bren. Thankyou God for iced coffee (and a working fridge to chill it in!)

3) Cinnamon-raisin Ezekiel Bread
I don't know why I never grabbed this loaf before. I get heartburn if I eat too much wheat in one day, but sometimes the easiest snack to grab is a slice of bread. I love this stuff because it toasts up wonderfully, it's full of protein and with those sweet little bursts of raisin, it totally satisfies my salty-sweet cravings. And heck, it's God's recipe! Thankyou God for being a good baker!

4) Lemon cucumbers
Lemon cucumbers are this year's fad vegetable, or at least it seems that way. A lot of people are growing the happy yellow orbs in their vegetable gardens. I love how crunchy they are, with just a hint of cucumber flavour. Thankyou God for yummy cucumbers!

5) Cheater's Indian BBQ chicken
Now that it's summer, I really don't feel much like cooking. I've made a cheater's version of Indian BBQ chicken a couple of nights now -- it comes together quickly, and alongside a salad, makes a quick, healthy dinner. I mix some store-bought BBQ sauce with a few tablespoons of lime or mango pickle, pour it over a packet of cleaned chicken thighs, bake for 20-30 minutes at 400, then put the pieces under the broiler for about 5 minutes, basted with a little more BBQ sauce. Yum! Thankyou Lord for barbeque sauce!

Huh. I feel better. Your turn! What foodstuffs are you thankful for?




gabrielaskitchen said...

Thai iced tea is one of my favorite things, how could I forget? Thanks for reminding me. I'm gonna buy some thai tea and sweetened condensed milk so I can make some this weekend.

aartilla the fun said...

thanks for stopping by gabriela! i love your site -- i want that chiffon cake now. NOW. :) i am actually brewing up another batch as i type this; i'm lactose intolerant so instead of condensed milk, i use soy creamer. not only does it taste just as wonderful but i can control the sugar (i use honey) that way too!

shinfain said...

dates. always thankful for dates.

dynamo juice from trader joes.

and since this is a D theme...


Maria said...

hmmmm so much.... I don't think I can single one thing out... my list is endless...

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