Friday, July 31, 2009

Emails that make me smile

I just got this fantastic email from my friend Vivian -- she's a brand new mum (hi Tempest!) and she's experimenting over the stove between feedings and diaper changes. She tried my babaghanouj recipe after watching the very first episode of Aarti Paarti (wow, has our production value gotten better!!!) and she shot me this email after she made it. I can't stop smiling!

"I made your babganouj from the first episode. I've made it before using other recipes and I have to say from now on I will always use *your* recipe. Why? It's simple, easy, cheap and most of all cooking the eggplant directly on the burner gives it a smokey flavor that makes it absolutely super-yummy. In the episode you suggest that "you might want to try" cooking it that way, but other ways are okay too. NO!!! This is now the ONLY way to cook eggplant,at least for babaganouj! We both loved it - I put in extra lemon, which is so great with the smokey flavor! It got eaten up too fast. Next time I go to the store I'm getting ingredients to make it again!

My eggplant just disintegrated on the burner, that's how I knew it was ready, making it kinda hard to peel. Maybe I cooked it too long (was less than 15 min - mine was probably smaller or flame hotter).

Anyway, thanks!


Isn't that great?



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