Friday, July 10, 2009

Cake Wisdom

Earlier today, I was whining about how sometimes everything seems futile and pointless, and that I'd rather be done here, and moved onto being in heaven, thankyou very much. I know, I'm so overly dramatic. But I'm sick and I'm PMS'ing. Makes sense now, doesn't it?

B: "Well, no, because we're exactly where we're meant to be right now, ba."

A: "Yeah?"

B: "Yeah. Every moment has a purpose to nourish us. Sometimes it's fun and cake. Sometimes, it's nutritious but not very yummy."


A: "Thanks for putting that in terms I'd understand, ba."

B: "Sure."

Isn't he a smartie?




bodaat said...

smart as a button. :)

mandi said...

what's up with the ad?

aartilla the fun said...

ha! i've become a featured publisher of foodbuzz, kinda of a facebook for foodies. they promote me, they run their ads on my site... it's a pretty good deal!

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