Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Proud of Myself

I feel quite proud of myself, chaps.

A few weeks ago, my friend Laura hired me to bake her a cake for her big milestone birthday this past weekend.

To be honest, I was really nervous about it. While I was flattered that Laura trusted me enough to ask me, I hadn't baked in a while, and it's never been my strong point. I don't like to jump into things that I haven't thought out long and hard, but that seems to get in my way more often than not; the more I think about things, the more I talk myself out of them, telling myself that I won't be able to do them etc. And with the golden rule of improv (say yes!) still pulsing through my veins, I went for it.

And I'm so glad I did! I am well chuffed with myself!!

Upon Laura's request, I made a triple-layer double-chocolate cake, with raspberry mousse filling, covered in buttercream frosting, and decorated with edible flowers and homemade white chocolate butterflies! I can't believe I pulled off the butterflies.

Not only did it turn out prettily, but it was honestly, hand-on-my-heart the yummiest chocolate cake I've ever tasted. I used this recipe, but re-jiggered it using some brown sugar in addition to the white. Even though both Bren and I were boycotting dessert until his birthday in April, I had to get his opinion on the quality of the cake. He took a bite, and I put my hand in front of his mouth, in case he wanted to spit it out. But he giggled and managed to garble, "I don't want to stop eating it!".

And Bren also came up with the fantastic idea of spelling Laura's name out in petals and stems:

I was so happy baking this cake, and for the first time, I understood people who say that they can't believe they get paid to do what they do. Even when I was covered in flour, nursing sore arms from whisking eggs in a double-boiler, and doing what seemed like the 14th load of dishes, my heart was humming a happy little ditty. It's funny what passes for fun when you're doing something that your soul finally finds fulfilling.

What a blessing! God is good! And so is Laura! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!


P.S. Let me know if you'd like me to bake a cake for you too!


Anonymous said...

again i can't thank you enough you brought tears to my eyes...i'll always remember my 40th because of this amazing cake!


Patty Jean Robinson said...


Maria McLaughlin said...

Wow that cake is amazing!

Rosesq said...

Such a beautiful cake Aaru!! I wish I could hav a bite.

So Next project - Kuv's wedding cake??

Merlin said...

As always, mum stole my thunder. Yes, i too would like a piece but i don't think i can limit myself to just one piece, maybe two, three.....


KevMo said...

It is one pretty cake but it taste even better. If you did not get a bite I have only one thing to say.... SUCKA. I kid kid....

Patte said...

I am SO glad that I went to your blog today. This CAKE is out-of- this-world beautiful & sounds like it is incredibly delicious. Perhaps when Will gets married .... : )

nearsighted said...

Wow, the cake is gorgeous! You are super duper talented, Aarti! God made you amazing. I love how you glorify Him with what He has given you.

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