Friday, March 13, 2009

Hothouse Films Season 4

A lot of you wonder what Bren has been working so hard on all day and night (I'm not exaggerating). It's Hothouse Films! Take a look at his work on Season 4; there's a show featuring really awesomely-bad dancers (dance machine), one featuring how Rohrshach (of the Watchmen) handles the mundanity of life with his best (and only) friend Brendan, another featuring some chill wisdom from Matthew McConaughey's "brother"... and that's just a few of them.

And check out my favorite one of them all: Bas Booly's songs for kiddies, featuring Bren as a hopelessly sunny yet sick children siong-a-long show host. You might spot a cameo from yours truly!

New episodes next week!




Laura McLaughlin said...

i almost peed meeself when i saw you at the keyboard with that jingly headdress on! tooooo funny you guys are a hoot!

: )

aartilla the fun said...

hahaaha thankyou! we just shot the second episode today and it's even creepier. heeheee!

that jingly thing is my bellydance scarf. sadly, about the most use i'm getting out of it these days. wah-waaaaah.

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