Friday, March 13, 2009

House Guest cont.

Part of the mystery of the hungry house guest has been solved. We have located the entry point. Check out our (defunct, brrrr) heater.

Now look down. Look closer. At the fiddlestickin' HOLE IN THE WALL.

It's a wonder that we haven't had mice, rats, possums or f'in elephants in here before.

(I'd just like to put it on record that it is very hard not to swear at the moment. But I am proud to say that I haven't sworn yet... on this subject at least :)

Anyway, back to the mouse. And yes, it is a mouse. We were warned that it might be (kill me now) a RAT, but I am much calmer having seen the thing with my own two eyes last night; he popped his little head out from behind the bookcase and stared directly at me, then quick as a flash, snapped his head back behind the bookshelf. Then he'd peek just his nose out, snap it back, then his whole head, then back... he was so apprehensive! Clearly, he was trying to get back into the CAVE in the wall behind the heater but he didn't trust us not to pounce on him.

His little cat-and-mouse game (groan, I know) was so endearing and so captivating that I let the season finale of Sober House, one of my favorite shows (I <3 Dr. Drew!), roll on behind me whilst I waited with bated breath to catch sight of the little guy scurry out from behind the bookshelf. Isn't it funny that sometimes little things like that are so much more entertaining that million-dollar shows?

Anyway, Bren pointed out his round ears, which he said indicated that it was a mouse, and when the cute little thing finally did gallop into the wall, I had to concur. As he scampered up the heater, I spoke to him sternly saying, "Listen little one. You are not welcome here. Please go away. You are very cute but you need to find someone else's house to invade. This place is not for you. " We also roared at him, yup like lions, so that he wouldn't feel welcome here, but I guess he doesn't understand human, and he's used to roars because he was deffo back last night. Looks like he was more daring with his apple dinner, but didn't really care for the tomato. It also appears that those little bits that I thought were droppings are actually tightly curled bits of apple skin -- picky little bugger!

He was a cute little thing, bless him. Alas, I failed to catch him on camera. He and I seem to have the same palate: fresh fruit all the way! But he's got to go, and after reading all your comments on the best traps (thanks guys!), I grabbed the traditional kind this morning. Bren put them in place and they're ready to go.

I'm dreading finding him tomorrow morning, or (shudder) hearing the traps go off in the middle of the night. Sorry little friend. But I know it's only a matter of time before you start getting busy and bringing little babies into my house. :(

And then I'm ready to CLEAN! I want this book. I love her stuff.





bodaat said...

oh my gosh, whatever you do please don't post the post-trap pictures.

aartilla the fun said...

no i know.

Merlin said...

Hey Kuv you spoil sport; i want to see the mouse that roared or in this case, the mouse with impeccable taste.

bodaat said...

oh Dad if you'd like some mice, i'll ship them to you first class! :)

aartilla the fun said...

hahahah dad maybe i'll take a photo and email it to you. blech.

we didn't get him last night, and he still ate more apple (i've been leaving it there to entice him and also to gauge his behaviour). funnily enough i find myself rooting for the little guy. ha!

Merlin said...

Hi Aarth, this californian mouse has developed a taste for organic fruit, not that i blame him, he is into survival game, no pesticides, no artificial apple polish etc etc

If you want to lure him or her, you need to store all fruit and edibles in the refrigerator or in a tin or something. Let the traps be the only available food points. His/her hunger and natural instincts will take over. And don't you root for the little fellow: they are prolific breeders!

sarah said...

You should take at least one photo and post it with a warning for all other mice. Make miniature signs, so they can read them.

Jeremiah said...

If you don't have luck with your current set up, try baiting the traps with the apple the rodents have been eating. Place the traps in the fruit area of the counter, and remove all the other food sources. Once the mouse is caught, you can skewer it and cook the mouse over an open fire. Don't worry, the hair burns off quickly due to the heat! After it has been roastin' for a goodish amount, take it off the skewer, eviscerate and enjoy! What a simple tasty snack! Can anyone say Aarti Paarti Quick Bites Episode 5? I can!

sarah said...

Mmmmm. A great source of protein. Can one purchase a spit that small, or do you have to fashion it yourself?

aartilla the fun said...

well, we came home the other night and the traps had been moved... but no mouse in 'em. in fact, bren had put a piece of apple on one of them (missing) and some cashew butter (we're out of peanut) on the other one, which had been licked. but no mouse.

so i think the traps i got are too small. this mouse is smart. and big. and playing tricks on us.

the idea of mouse-sized signs is hilarious. as is the slow-roasted mouse. i think i could fashion a spit out of a bamboo skewer. hmmmm. and maybe roast it over a candle.


Patty Jean Robinson said...

May I suggest baiting the traps with Milk Duds? That's what my dad tried and it seemed to work. And yeah, put the traps where you've seen him scuttle around so it's directly on his path.

Oh, Milk Duds... I want some now....

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