Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Phoenix

I'm in Phoenix at the moment, visiting my sister Kuv. She's getting married (whoopee!) at the end of the year, so we spent yesterday looking for The Dress with her future mother-in-law. I've only ever done this once with a friend of mine, and I fell for the first dress she tried on so I wasn't that confident in my abilities. Plus, Kuv looked good in every single dress, which was both encouraging and confusing because it was hard to choose. But I think we might have found The Dress! Wheee! I can't post the photos of course (mum, we'll send them to you, don't worry!) in case the Husband-to-be happens to wander over here.

Anyway, that's why I didn't write yesterday. I do have one quick recipe to tell you about. We might make it this week, so I'll post it then.




KevMo said...

Having a great time. Luv ya.

Rosesq said...

I am so glad that you are there representing the Sequeira Clan!! I trust you to give Kuv the best advice possible, I know my girls have impeccable tastes!! God Bless you all.

joo said...

that's so exciting! have fun with your sis!

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