Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hey guys!

It is a weird day here today, alternately gloomy and cold... then sunny and hot! Typical LA weather. Bren just left, and when he returns he'll probably be close to death. :) Bren is going for his Level 3 orange belt today! As you may know, Bren practices Krav Maga.

The last time he completed a belt test, he arrived at the house panting, white as snow, and shaking. Then he got on all fours for about 10 minutes, just breathing with his eyes closed! Ack! The belt test is apparently pretty intense and lasts for a number of hours. This time though, he's prepared; he slept a good 10 hours, and I got him a couple of cans of coconut water which apparently is full of nutrients and vitamins and sweet island loving. :)

So think some strong, arse-kicking thoughts as you read this! My husband is such a bad-ass!

Also, Kuv started a blog, so take a look!

Here's a few photos of the hike Bren and I took the other week.



bodaat said...

Thanks for including my blog in there! Also - I'm very jealous of the hiking scenery. Ours is less than interesting - you get a little tired of desert, rock and cacti. :)

Patte said...

Can't wait to hear how the test went! I called a few times but will keep trying.

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