Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Guys! He did it! Bren PASSED!!!!

Wheeeeee! Bren is now a Level 3 Orange belt in Krav! Woohoo!

Bren returned from his belt test Saturday at about 8p. The test started at 130p. Yup. That means Bren both had his butt kicked, and kicked someone else's butt at 100% of his energy for between 6-7 hours. Oh, except for one 5-minute break.

Clearly he loves it. I don't know anyone who would pay $40 to get beaten up for 6 hours, then come home with a weary smile on his face.

The best part comes the day after: the show-and-tell bruises session. I figured this much joy should be shared with the world.

Bring on the zombies!



shinfain said...

thanks fer throwing me a shout-out, ba! yay bruises!

keven said...

ASS KICKER!!! I love it

Patte said...

Wow!!!!! I am so proud of you, Bren! Awesome! You must be very happy & impressed with your strength, endurance & skills.

Just in time for your BIG birthday too : )

Hugs & kisses,

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