Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FO 2

As I have been telling y'all, our favorite place to get a burger is called "Father's Office". It's a gastropub featuring a wide variety of beers, and it's the place that introduced Bren to his favorite beer, "Terrible". Despite the name, it actually is quite delicious. It's made by the Canadian company, Unibroue.

Anyway, we've been fanatics of this place -- I celebrated my birthday there last year, and Bren wanted to celebrate his big day at the new one that is opening up 5 MINUTES from our house. 5 minutes if you walk. 30 seconds if you drive!

Well it finally opened, and we made sure we were there before the mysterious doors opened for the first time on Monday. In fact, when the doors swung open, Bren and the 20 or so people waiting with him started cheering!

The food was just as good as always: burger, sweet potato fries, tons of beers. A few months ago, Sang Yoon, the owner, had printed some recipes in Food and Wine magazine, so I made sure to try those newer menu items. I had the Lemongrass Curry Mussels, which I highly recommend. Very very yummy. Bren of course had the burger and didn't talk for a few minutes whilst he inhaled it. A perfect end to his birthday week I think!

And as a bonus, LA Eater, a well-trafficed food blog here, posted this photo! Look in the corner! That woman in the crocheted hat and black hoodie with the pink unicorn horn... is me!!!

Also if you cruise LA Eater for more on Father's Office 2.0, you'll see a photo of people waiting outside. There's a man standing in the middle of the crowd, in a red shirt with a brown hat, looking down. That's Bren!


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