Monday, May 25, 2009


Anyone got a spare, new-ish laptop they wanna give us?!

Bren and I have dubbed ourselves "Studio Baba", after the pet-name we call each other. Studio Baba puts out a LOT of content: Bren's daily video blog and cinematic tshirts, my daily blog (ahem, I know, I've fallen behind!), his 7 shows a week through Hothouse Films, the News Show, my cooking show... not to mention the myriad other projects we both have brewing on the back burner. Phew!

AND, we do this all on one Macbook Pro. Just the one. We have another computer but it is so slow that opening Facebook on it is an exercise in finding the patience of Job. And so things are starting to fall through the cracks. Namely, this blog. I haven't written in days! I feel awful about it!

So yeah... if you know anyone, send 'em my way, won't you?



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