Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aarti Paarti Ep. 12: Massaged Kale Salad with Mango & Pepitas!

It has come to my attention that I have a thing for greens: Kale Frittata, Crazy Bastard Greens, Lion's Den Methi (Fresh Fenugreek Leaves), the Ugly Duckling Salad...

Perhaps it's because eating greens just makes you feel better about yourself and life in general. Heck, we know what spinach did for Popeye: not only did a can of the slimy stuff make his muscles blow up, they helped him get/keep his girl! Just imagine what greens could do for you!!

This might be my favorite way to prepare kale because it is a total surprise, flavour-wise. That hearty, masculine kale that we all know and love, pulls up its skirts and reveals its decidedly feminine side; it tastes positively SWEET! Isn't that wild? I love it!

And since I love bullet points too, here's some other reasons I love this salad:
  • It's cheap (I made enough to last a couple of days for about $7)
  • It's a snap to make, especially because there's no cooking involved
  • Since there's no cooking involved, that means no turning on the stove, handy for the hot days ahead of us
  • It lasts for days in the fridge and only gets better as it soaks up more dressing
  • It goes with practically anything
  • It's great to bring to cookouts because it can sit out, and not wilt.
Oh, and did I mention that's it GORGEOUS?! Dark, lush green, bright yellow and orange, the bright green of the cilantro... it's certainly impressive.

Plus, you get to say that you massaged your kale. And no that's not a double entendre.

Although, if you go through all the atmosphere-setting steps I went through before I massaged my bowl of kale, people *might* think you're a weirdo. Don't know what I mean? Watch! Giggle! Get hungry and make it!! Repeat!

(Oh and make sure to click "HQ" if your computer can handle watching it in higher quality; it looks and sounds so much better).




Anonymous said...

I was at the dinner party where this salad was served. It was fantastic and I JUST finished off the last of the leftovers (like she said, the salad lasts a while in the fridge)... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I'm going to find some stressed out Kale.

JAMIE said...

you really rolled the 'heck' out of that lemon! Ha ha! Kale looks like a lot of fun once it has relaxed a bit.


Anonymous said...

first of all...you are so cute!

second of all...love the contrast of the colors...

third of all...i totally am going to try this i have never tasted kale

fourth of all...what was the name of that song????


aartilla the fun said...

thanks laura! i try to put all the song info on the youtube page in the description box. it's "love you" by the bees! (bren's selection of course).


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