Friday, January 16, 2009

White Christmas

We were hoping for snow while we were in the mountains. We ache for it every year we go up there, as if the view isn't gorgeous enough. We got so excited when it fell below freezing one night, resulting in a thicky, icy shelf on the surface of the (gulp) never-used hot tub:

In a way though, we DID get a white Christmas. That morning, we woke up to this:

Those are the clouds filling in the valley below us. The blanket was so thick, I wanted to jump in it!

It was a gift better than the one we had wanted. Those are the best gifts ever, aren't they?



Patte said...

So beautiful!

Remember how much fun it was cracking the ice on the hot tub with the hammer?

bodaat said...

Oh wow! It sooooooooo looks like snow in the first pic. Breath-taking.

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