Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stumbled Upon Snack

We're still on the Daniel Fast, which will wrap up next Wednesday. All in all, the weeks have flown by, and the biggest cravings I've had were for coffee while reading the paper, and ... huh, I can't really think of anything else. It's actually been surprisingly do-able. One of the benefits has been that we can't eat out much at all, so we've been eating at home 98% of the time, which is both cheaper and more fun for me. And the spiritual gifts have been awesome.

Another benefit (which you might see as a downside depending on whether you live to eat or eat to live) is that I'm constantly hungry! My body processes all this natural, unprocessed food so quickly.

Here's a snack that I stumbled upon last week, when I looked in the fridge, and the combination called to me. That, and the three components were all that were left in the fridge, apart from condiments. Lots and lots of condiments. Sometimes I think I buy food like a bachelor.

Anyway, I heated up the lavash (better in a pan than a toaster oven, which makes it more like a cracker).

Spread some hummus on it...

Sprinkled some pomegranate gems on it...

Rolled it up and stuffed my face! YUM!


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