Friday, August 15, 2008

AT&T Technician: Hooray! AT&T: Boooooo

The headline speaks for itself I think.

Now that our internet is back (wheeeee!), I thought I'd post some pics from our unbelievably magnificent trip to North Carolina. Oh man oh man, I wish everyone could have experienced the peace up there. Patte and Scott have a gorgeous place at the top of a hill that is the closest to paradise I've ever been: I always feel at peace there, in awe of God's great earth, whether in the magnificence of the mountains or the balls-out beauty of the sunsets or the impossible aviation of a bumble bee (photos of those to come!).

We landed in Atlanta, and waited for the train to take us out of the city so that Patte and Scott could pick us up. Bren spotted this sign that just aggravated his don't-tell-me-what-to-do nerve:

Once Patte and Scott had picked us up (in a moment of unabashed cuteness, Patte actually RAN across the manicured flowers to give Bren the first of many hugs), we marked the beginning of our time together as we usually do: at Cracker Barrel!! I forgot to snap photos, darn it all, but then we were off to the cabin, where the hummingbirds were waiting to dazzle us.

Patte is such an animated conversationalist:

Scott, a little less so. :)

Great photo of Patte:

After lunch, we went for a swim at one of the many freshwater lakes we'd dip into over the course of the week. I can't remember what this one is called. I can still feel that cool water now! I had just gone to the beach here in LA the day before, and the difference in the water quality made me so sad -- THIS is what water is supposed to taste, feel, look like.

Patte had just bought a rubber kayak thingy, the butt of many jokes, sadly. Bren and Patte managed to take it out pretty far, and from the shore, I could hear them cackling as they tried to figure out why this particular kayak only liked to travel in circles. You can actually see them in this photo: they're the little dot on the right.


Sigh. Bliss.



Patte said...

So great to look back at our time in the mountains ... sigh ... sigh ... SIGH ...

It's Nantahala Lake. The most beautiful lake on the planet.

Miss you but we will be seeing you REALLY SOON!!! October 11th is coming up FAST. You might want to start looking up airfare now so that you can come early.

bodaat said...

Beautiful pics!

Sasafras said...

Look at Bren and Patte in "that silly thing."

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