Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tomato Update!

The fruit are coming fast and furious now. Well, fast and furious by tomato terms. Which is to say, not so fast.

But our first-born, has taken a step into adolescence, and turned RED!

This is the Rose Quartz Cherry tomato, the first one to birth a little ball of juice and seeds. There are now about 10 tomatoes on this one. Yippee!

Not to be be outdone, most of the other tomato varieties are sprouting too. I'm very excited about this one, the Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter, so called because its "creator", radiator repairman Charlie Byles, was able to pay off his mortgage in 6 years with the sales he made on its seeds! Apparently, in the '40s, customers drove up to 200 miles for 'em!! I figure that buying this tomato is my gentle suggestion to the Big Man Upstairs that one of these days, we're gonna want a house. Ahem. :)

Anyway, these are going to be HUGE tomatoes. Byles crossed four of the largest varieties of tomatoes he could find, including a beefsteak. So these are going to make for some yummy slices. Look at how decadently large the leaves are.

As you can probably tell, I LOVE taking photos of tomatoes. First of all, they don't move. So they come out crystal clear. Second, they are gorgeous vibrant shades of green (and now red!). And third, the shape of their leaves, their fruit, even those whimsical spiky bits holding the tomato, are just breathtaking. God truly is an artist.

So, I'll leave you with just a few more. Click on them to see them in full-screen splendor!



Rosesq said...

Beautiful Tomatoes Aarth. It is lovely to see your garden grow and bloom. Have faith, God will definitely provide you and Bren with a lovely house, with plenty of place for gardening.

Sasafras said...

Baby tomatoes are so cute. I can almost smell them and taste them just from looking at the picture.
Plus, you look good in black.

aartilla the fun said...

can you believe that photo was a self-portrait? ha!

elizabeth said...

I thought better to write back on your blog than mine. Your tomatoes are goregeous and I'm totally in envy. I'm definitely going to go veggie next summer and I'll be needing some tips!

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