Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Man, the Legend, the WAITS

As Kuv pointed out months ago, Tom Waits went on tour this year... a rare occurrence, and therefore one that inspires Waits addicts to great lengths to see him. Bren is one of the biggest Waits fans I know, closely followed by his brother Jed, and we have Bren's dad to thank for it, since he's the first person to introduce Bren to him. My life would be much shallower, less imaginative, less whimsical (read: boring!) without the heavy dose I've absorbed of this gentle gravelly-voiced minstrel. And, as much as this word is over-used these days, I can say with confidence, that Tom Waits is unequivocally, a genius.

Alas, there was no way we could go see him, since he (wisely) didn't play LA, and we missed the ticket sale in Phoenix. However, sweet sweet awesome NPR heard the yearning in the atmosphere, and recorded his July 5th show in Atlanta. Today, theyput it up for our listening pleasure.

Let your ears feast on the whiskey-guzzlin', poetry spinnin', bowler hat sportin', tear-jerkin' romantic old-souled monster creature whose vocal cords are surely hanging in strands at the back of his throat.



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keven said...

WOW, you just mad my hump day. I am glad to see you have been writing. Keep on rock'n sista.

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