Tuesday, March 11, 2008

India photos again!

Since I'm at work with a fast connection, I thought I'd try to post some of Kuv's photos from our Aunty Angela's 25th wedding anniversary celebration while we were in India.

Mum and Dad:

Mum, her sister Ruth and Dad:

Me and Bren being spiffy:

Kuv, me, Bren:

Bren looking serious with some of the male cousins:

Good photos Kuv! Thankyou!



Patte said...

Awesome!!!! I love these photos. Takes us in the thick of things with your beautiful family.

I love Indian dress. It's gorgeous.

Your parents look so happy.

keven said...

You and Bren looking into each others eye-priceless

keven said...
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Patte said...

What's that blue thing on your dad's suit jacket?

aartilla the fun said...

ha! that blue thing was a little boutenniere that aunty angela's daughters made out of fabric. the colour theme for the celebration was blue and silver. :)

Patte said...


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