Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Wonder of Bren #4653

Yesterday, I had class in the evening. Usually, I leave something for Bren's dinner, but yesterday, I ran out of time. There weren't any leftovers either. So I made sure to warn him.

A: "Baba, tonight, you'll have to order dinner or something 'cos there's nothing prepped for you to eat."

B: "Oh yeah, I thought about that. Maybe I'll pick something up on the way home before you take the car. Either way, no worries ba."

A: "OK. But just make sure you do something ok?"

B: "Ba, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

A: (mock disdain) "Gasp! What?!"

B: "It's true!"

A: (in my best fawning mother voice) "But you're only a wittle boy!"

B: (in his best little boy being a big boy voice) "No, I'm a big boy now!"

Laughs and giggles all around.

However, cut to last night when I got home and asked him what he'd had for dinner.

B: "A big bowl of... peas!" (Satisfied smile)

A: "WHAT? That is the most little boy dinner ever ba!"

B: "No it isn't! A little boy dinner would be melting all the ice-cream bars in the freezer into a bowl and eating 'em."

A: "What?! No it isn't." (Exasperated sigh, knowing that he's right.)

A: "Wait, where did those two big slices of banana bread meant for the neighbors go?"

B: "Oh... I ate them too."

Bren's big boy dinner = big bowl of microwaved peas + two THICK-ass slices of banana bread.

The End.



keven said...

a mans meal

Patte said...

I love seeing you guys. what a great idea for a dinner. I love peas & never remember to eat them because scott doesn't like `em. I haven't had banana bread for a while. I hardly ever bake anymore. company is coming in a few days. banana bread would be a great thing to have handy.

heard the mac is the mac. so glad that you have a new laptop.

can't wait to see you two again.

x o x o

Patte said...

By te way, I am all into the big bowl thing now. Tell Bren that we use the bowl that he gave me every day.

I want a whole bunch of `em so that I don't have to hand wash them everytime I eat.

Andrew said...

Hilarious. You guys are awesome.

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