Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Interesting Stories today

A few interesting stories caught my eye today:

1) Honey treats coughs better than drugs! (via ABC)
New research shows that honey works even better than over-the-counter drugs to soothe coughs. Which is great because (1) honey is yummier than cough syrup, (2) it's cheaper and (3) it's all natural! Go honeybees! Those little creatures are smarter than they look.

2) One currency in the Middle East by 2010? (via Bloomberg)
Saudi, the UAE and 4 other states are planning on creating a "common market", which means (I think) that there would be something akin to an EU in the Middle East. Interesting huh? Forming a common market is a pre-requisite to creating a common currency for the region, according to the article. Imagine what that would mean for the (falling) dollar, especially with oil prices rising astronomically every few months??? And what would they call it?

3) The Golden Compass: To Boycott or not to boycott? (via Salon)
This is more of an open question to y'all. Will you go see "The Golden Compass"?

Should you boycott a film whose author is actively hostile (not just challenging) to your faith/your truth OR do you go watch it because you are not as close-minded as those Sudanese people who threatened to flog the British teacher who called the class teddybear Mohammed? Quite a quandry.

I wasn't going to see it anyway because it looked kinda crappy, and I'm sick of Nicole Kidman. But, upon reading about the backstory and allegory, I was intrigued. In the end, I think I'd rather spend my $10 on a movie I want to support (as opposed to witholding money in some kind of boycott), so I'm going to see "Bella".
Have you heard about this film? If not, do read the article I linked to in the LA Times. Sounds great, and hey, the lead actor is pretty easy on the eyes too. :)

That's where my head is at today. How are you all?

Bren's back tomorrow night. I am so f'in excited!



sarah said...

So funny that you wrote about "Bella" I've been hearing such good things. AND my bro and I were just last night discussing The Golden Compass. I'm boycotting it just because I'm sick of the stinkin' advertisements. How much promotion can one film have?!?!?!?
My compromise is this, I will not go and see the film (I too am sick of Kidman), but I also won't threaten to flog anyone who does. I'll be humane and resolute.

keven said...

Well I dig fighting polar bears and i hate the catholic church...so i might see it. I might see Bella as well. I am crazy like that.

Why is everyone sick of Kidman anyway? I don't care either way, but I would love to know why.

keven said...

oh yeah and the consolidation of currency kinda freaks me out...central banks are the devil..oh wait i sound catholic.

sarah said...

Jed and I saw Bella the other night.
Good message, ok story, poorly developed characters, and the main actress didn't do anything for me.
I'm interested in what you think if you see it.
love sarah

Patte said...

Love that photo of the honey ... I saw that article too. My mum always gave me a spoonful when my throat hurt. So soothing.

Isn't it cute that bees make it?

I love that bee.

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