Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Reservations

It finally feels like an LA summer this week; hot, dry, extremely bright and sunny. You won't catch me complaining though. Eventually, if global warming has its way, summers like these will be a thing of the past. Plus, I'm getting a killer tan (albeit, mostly on my left arm, which catches all the rays when I'm driving).

But this is a first, and it's making me want to throw up.


Look closely! Yaa! Those little brown buggers are ANTS!

For some reason, they are climbing up the fridge and sneaking into the freezer, perhaps drawn by the cool air ('cos they're certainly not going for the frozen chocolate chip cookies), and subsequently, freezing to death. And their brothers and sisters aren't learning... they're just following them, doh di doh, up the fridge and into the ice-cold tomb of certain death. Aren't they supposed to communicate, morse-code-style, to each other by rubbing their antennae together? You mean to tell me, not one of them, on the precipice of a glacial death, doesn't yell out, "save yourselves! it's a polar death trap up here! forget about the chocolate chip cookieeeeeeeeeeeeees!"

What the heck?! Anyone got a solution?!


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