Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's oh so quiet

Hello chaps and chapesses,

Sorry for the silence on this end. I've been a bit uninspired really. Yesterday, Bren had an audition, so I told him to take the car. I stayed at home, endured the increasing heat, and returned to an old love: crochet! Here's the red sweater that I started before Christmas last year, that I am determined to finish! I hope it looks good at the end of it, 'cos bloody hell, it's tedious work doing row and row of the same stitch.

I did watch Mr. Death, the Errol Morris documentary. If you haven't seen it, you should! It's great to see a documentary that was made by a filmmaker, rather than a clip-show artist like Michael Moore. Don't get me wrong. Michael Moore has my respect for his dogged determination to make people care about concepts they usually ignore such as Big Business wiping out the Little Man, gun control, politics and healthcare. But, Errol Morris is in a class of his own.

Oh here's a cute, cute photo of my friend Talika and her husband, Brian. Bren took this one. Adorable!

Well that's where my mind's at. I'll leave you with an example of the kind of work Bren has been doing at Ripe TV. I don't want to embed it here because it'll slow down my site, so I'll put up a link. It's a short viral piece, starring and I think written by none other than Brendan McNamara! Yippee!

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