Friday, August 14, 2009

Which One's Better?

I'm watching Monsoon Wedding right now.

I think it's way better than Slumdog.

What do you think?




Laura McLaughlin said...

i have yet to see either...will have to check them out : )

tql said...

Monsoon Wedding.

Oh, and I LOVE your blog. I found you via Good Bite and am so glad I did. You are a great writer and I love how you talk about food and faith and life. Oh, and I tried the strawberry basil lassi...YUM! Next up this weekend - the quinoa w/ coconut and tomatoes (swoon...)

aartilla the fun said...

hey TQL! nice to see you here! welcome! thankyou for all the compliments -- i hope i keep you interested for a long time. :) check back often; i try to write a few times every week, and new episodes of the cooking show (aarti paarti) are coming this week!

oh and i'm so glad you tried the lassi! i can't wait to hear about the quinoa. i love how risotto-like it turns out.


Divya Rao said...

I think both are great in their own ways...Monsoon Wedding focuses more on the fun 'n' frolic of Indian families while SM is more intense and focuses on the unfortunate reality of poverty in India.
Watch Mr & Mrs Iyer, if you can, I loved that movie!

aartilla the fun said...

hey divya! i will have to watch mr and mrs iyer... i haven't even heard of it! i will add it to the netflix queue right now!

tql said...

The coconut quinoa was WONDERFUL! It gave me an opportunity to go to an Indian grocery, which I have never done before. Curry leaves - who knew!?

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