Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Feet

Last year, on my birthday, I painted my toes blue. I take it as a bit of metaphor that this year, I chose to paint my nails a bright, cheery yellow!

Yes friends, I turned 31. I am for real-zies in my 30s now. There's no frontin' about being in my "late" 20s anymore. And I'm (mostly) ok with that. My 20s were all over the place. I've spent the past 5 years wandering through the proverbial wilderness, wondering about my purpose and my career after the news one seemed to vanish without me really caring too much about it... looking back, I can see that my pillar of cloud and fire (Fire! He's so bad-ass!) was guiding me the whole way. Even though I couldn't see it. Ever, really. Finally, this year, I feel like the promised land is in sight. And that's worth getting yellow nail polish over! Woohoo!

My husby Brendan organized a lovely day for me, sneakily emailing my friends in secret, asking them to stop by and wish me a happy birthday, since I wasn't really up to organizing a big party or anything. I woke up to a chocolate croissant and a latte from my favourite place, Conservatory (LA folks, you must check this spot out! Washington and Motor, kinda, opposite Sony!), delivered by my man. Then Karen came over, bearing gorgeous lilies that I'm still staring at... she had dedicated the entire day to me! Isn't that sweet? Then, one after another, I was graced with surprise stop-bys -- and only after hours of these "surprises" did I realise that it wasn't a surprise at all! Haaahahahaa! I am so oblivious! It was such a great day -- just as one person left, another stopped by. I am starting to understand the term "grace", at least the way it's used biblically -- that there's no way I did anything for these friends to deserve this level of love and friendship, yet I still get to have them. It's pretty humbling.

I've been a bit obsessed as of late with this Australian blog called Definatalie. Not only is this woman a talented artist, she's also an inspiration in the love-thyself department; I love her style, the way she's not afraid to talk about how being big is being beautiful. I crave her wardrobe and her photographs. Sigh! Take a look at her art "reel". Those of you who know me will understand why I love her art so: beautiful henna-like designs, and nouveau-retro Rubenesque ladies. It's beautiful, dainty yet dangerously... "meaty".

I think I need to sweet-talk her into designing my tattoo. Seriously. Can't you just imagine a sacred heart surrounded by all those flowery paisleys? What WHAT?!

Anyway, she challenged her readers to come up with a list of things that we love about ourselves. Funng that even as I was writing that, I wanted to say "like" because I'm not sure I'm comfortable with "love" yet. So (deep breath), here's what I (eeeeeeeek) love about myself:

1) That I've been so bold: improv classes, Burning Man, cooking show, speaking openly about God stuff.
2) That cool people like me and call me their friend and tell me they love me.
3) My smile.
4) My eyebrows; they're thinning as I get older, so I'm trying to eat more fish and flax seed but I am so happy to have thick ones that frame my face!
5) My feet: I have my mum's feet. Mum says that Dad first fell in love with her feet, so my love for my feet is... multi-layered.
6) That I type really fast. Seriously. You should be in the room when I'm typing. Everyone says, "woah!".
7) I really love and am proud of my cooking show doods. I even love my recipes.
8) My hair. Curls. Rule. They don't rule when you're 12 and you don't know why your stick-straight hair is suddenly frizzy. But once you figure them out, they rule.
9) The colour of my skin. Especially after a day at the beach.
10) That I managed to hook a man like Brendan.

Brendan, who by the way, had his first pedicure on my birthday. And got his nails painted... gold. Pic will be up tomorrow!




sarah said...

For anyone that reads this, this is my list (not by any means comprehensive) of the things I love about Aarti.
I actually wrote it before reading her post and find some of the similiarities between the two lists quite cool!

beautiful teeth
good sense of humor
amazing cooking skills
chocolate brown skin and gorgeous dark brown hair
newly developing yukele skills
articulate speaker
loving individual
patient person
lovely smile
infectious laugh
great fashion-sense
mighty encourager/cheerleader

love you aarth!
happy birthday
keep blogging. i have lots of catching up to do once in the states!!!!!!!!!

Miriam Leigh said...

I have to agree with Sarah! Aarti, you have the most lovely, magical way of being. I've been enjoying every minute of your cooking episodes... they are so engaging! You bring a smile to my day.

bodaat said...

happy birthday! love the toes. and i recognize that blog. :) said...

Aarti - i don't know you but followed your link from your post on Seth Barnes' blog earlier today - you are too cool, chica! Loved your cooking episode and your hubby's little improv film... hahaha. And your list of things you love about yourself reminded me to encourage a friend in that direction - so THANKS! Think I'll bookmark your page if you don't mind ... if you're on Facebook, you can find me there - blessings to you, Jodi Gemma

sippy said...

Aarti -- Happy belated birthday! Don't know you either apart from the cooking shows, but love your foodie approach and your list. My annoyingly slow, clunky fingers are in awe of your professed typing skills as we speak. ;-) May you have many more years of culinary inspiration and treats at Mashti's ahead!

aartilla the fun said...

thanks so much sippy!

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