Monday, February 11, 2008

India Part 3: Masala Dosa


The above is a photo of a painting on the wall of the first restaurant we ate at -- traditional South Indian vegetarian fare, carb-heavy and yummmmmy. (The woman is a total stranger who I thought made the photo look oh so National Geographic-esque!)

You think food in the US is big? Try eating a paper masala dosa! Yup, that enormous brown thing feeds ONE. Here, Crish poses delicately before she vacuumed that thing up. Masala Dosa is the typical veggie dish: pancake made of a rice-dal batter (I think?), crispy around the outside, spongy in the middle, wrapped around a stuffing of spiced potatoes and onions, and served with the requisite coconut chutney and sambar. Eat that, and you won't be hungry for days. Well, I got hungry a couple of hours later, but then... that's not really a surprise is it?

More to come!!



Patte said...

Wow, that thing is so humongo! Sounds scrumptious. Ilove how different & interesting the ingredients are. It's amazing that all over the world people put things together in their own unique ways.

I love the way Indians dress. It's lovely. The women look so feminine & mysterious. It's really remarkably flattering. After coming back were you tempted to dress more Indian?

sarah said...

I am also eagerly awaiting more pictures.
I went to an Indian wedding once. It was fantastic. Very long and everyone talked through the whole thing. The ceremony was interesting, the food was out of this world.
I wore a punjabi suit. Two of my Indian friends pulled all theirs out and we had a fashion show to decide which one I should wear. They were mad at me for picking the least glamorous one. All those vibrant colors looked glorious against their rich brown skin. The suits didn't have quite the same punch on my pale skin. When I go to India I would really like to have a sari or a p. suit made.
You look stunning all dressed up in the earlier pictures.

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