Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seeing Red

I'm inspired!

I've never felt like I had a beautiful figure. Not one person on TV or in the movies has ever made me feel like my particular configuration of boobs, hips and thighs was beautiful. Not Marilyn Monroe (my boobs are bigger), not Salma Hayek (her waist is smaller), not even the heroines of Bollywood who have, sadly, now embraced the tiny waist 'n' hip silhouette so common amongst their Hollywood counterparts.

Apparently, when it comes to women, bigger is NOT better. God forbid you do like bigger women; you apparently have a fetish.

Ah, but finally, someone whose buxom beauty has helped me embrace my funny ol' figure!

She's Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays the sexy, confident (if a titch bitchy, really) Joanie on AMC's Mad Men. The critically-acclaimed show follows the life of New York ad men during the late 50s, and Christina plays the head secretary at the ad agency. Every time she's on screen, my eyes sparkle.

She saunters into each scene, her ample hips patiently swaying from side to side, slowing down the anxious, obedient patter of other secretaries. She's always dressed in bright, mono-toned shifts, that fit her voluptuous ins and outs so exactly that she must have been sewn into her clothes; the bright colours offset her curves against the drab, pillared background of the ad agency walls. That naturally-narrow waist, the generous bosom, the exaggerated derriere... there's no mistaking this creature for anything other than a WOMAN -- capitals intended! Here's a woman who's curvy 'cos she likes to eat, not because she's squeezing herself into a ridiculous corset.

I find myself reading every article about her, about how she has struggled to love her figure, how designers still don't send her clothes because she isn't a size 4, about how she tucks into a plate of rabbit ragu and sips a second glass of wine during her interview. Oh, and she's marrying a half-Pakistani actor. Ah, this girl and I could be friends!

I found myself examining my own figure in the mirror. Our silhouettes aren't too different, although I'm working on the cinched-in waist part. Our boobs are too big for Victoria's Secret (I guess the secret is she doesn't make bras for ladies over a D cup), our bums too full for the Gap (insert joke here).

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is something beautiful about my figure too... for the first time, I'm able to see what works about it.

Apparently, the curvy figure is back, because even Kate Moss has put on a few pounds. From the looks of it though, she's going to have to tuck in a few more plates of rabbit ragut before she qualifies as curvy, though. At least in my book.

In an effort to further embrace my inner old-school WOMAN, I bought my first tube of red lipstick. My first. Isn't that crazy? I love it. I find myself wearing it for the smallest errands, even to just pick things up around the house. It just feels... fancy.

If you're my skin tone, my fellow Indians, you know how hard it is to find a red that suits you. I found this one at the Body Shop; it's called "Brilliant Red". It looks a little harsh in photos but in real life, it's awesome.

Here's to your inner WOMAN!



Anonymous said...

wow...i don't think of that lady as big at ALL! that must mean i am a moose ; )

seriously aarti you are perfect just as you are.

ps...nice lipstick!

aartilla the fun said...

she looks bigger on the show... thanks laura!

Rosesq said...

Aaru, be happy that God has been very generous with you right form the time you were in my tummy!! He has blessed you hands full, pressed down and brimming over - with Brains, Beauty and last but not least "B---s":)

Elin said...

Aarti, part of the reason why I love your blog and your show is that I think that YOU embody all of those things that you're admiring about Christina and her character on Mad Men. I watch you because i feel it's so rare for me to see a woman with our 'funny' figure (victoria's secret is that she's jealous, btw) who celebrates her own lushness and gifts as much as i feel that you do on your show. you re-inspired me to care about how i present my body to the world, to dig out my flower pins and outrageous costume jewelery and to have fun with my physical being again. you radiate, lady, you totally do. there's so much joy in your show--it's one of my favorite pick-me-ups when i've had a frustrating day in my kitchen or when i think that i won't be able to hack it in pastry school after all. thank you for being my Joan!

aartilla the fun said...

what a wonderful comment elin. thankyou so much! i'm blushing!

and good luck with pastry school. you can do it!

satta said...

Hey Aarti!Congrats for being the NFNS! yOU ARE TOTAL STAR MATERIAL!
Wish that I could break the TV Screen and give you a big hug!
All the very best for your show! Will surely watch it.

larany47 said...

I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished! You are charming, smart, caring and a wonderful cook. Good luck to you and your husband. What a great future you have. God bless you.

Sierracool said...

Hello Aarti!
I just found this older blog of yours and was inspired to write to you. My boyfriend Mark and I routed for you and were SO HAPPY when you won the Next Food Network Star program! Now we have our DVR set to record your show.
So anyway, I was searching for your beet recipe (I found yellow organic ones) because neither Mark nor I like beets and I wanted to try the recipe you had on your show.
But then I found your video where you sang "Crazy" and went to your blog and found your delightful, sensitive entries! I am now an even bigger fan!
Hugs to you dear girl,
Susannah Perri

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