Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finally! PHOTOS!

I seem to have found a window to upload pics people! So I'm writing quickly, without much thought or poetry 'cos I know you're not going to read what I write anyway when there are so many photos to look at!

The tiny kitchen in which Mum manages to cook up wondrous feasts everyday.

Mum making chapatis (Indian flatbread made of whole wheat flour)

First lunch: Dal (Lentil gravy thingy, pretty much an Indian staple), Lima beans with coconut and chapatis.

Crish taking her medicine to nurse her bronchitis. Note the green eyeliner. Sassy! (Later that week, I ended up buying that same eyeliner so that I could look as cool as her!)

The sisters three on Christmas Day. This photo is so funny to me, because Kuv and Crish totally look related -- I look adopted. Haahahahaaaaaaa...



elizabeth said...

Thank you for the photos! But... is that all??? I want more pics!

aartilla the fun said...

more to come you unsatisfied ones!

Patte said...

You don't look adopted ...
Yes, more photos pleeez

That is a BIG CANDLE!

joolee said...

the three sisters photo is ADORABLE. your eyes look so smiley. and i am so impressed by your mom's tupperware collection. that woman can organize.

aartilla the fun said...

i love that you noticed that joo!!! yup, mum looooooves to organize, especially in her kitchen-kingdom.

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